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Bed Sessions With Boudoir By Lorie

Bed Session Boudoir

The most common type of photo session in boudoir photography is the bed session for obvious reasons. This piece of furniture puts the boudoir subject at the site of the sizzle, the location for love. However, bed sessions in boudoir photography can evoke stress and anxiety about looking sexy and being confident.

Tips for a Successful Bed Session

· The importance of comfort.

One of the most important things for a successful bed session is to feel comfortable. If you feel too naked or risqué, it will show in your photo. Of course, you may actually be partially naked, but you need to feel good about it. This means talking to us about your reservations and letting us know what is inside and outside of your comfort zone.

· Flattering clothing.

When you book your session, we send out a lot of really good information on your outfits. You want everything to flatter, and certain cuts may accentuate areas of your body that don’t need to be accentuated. Also, clothing can be used as an accessory to keep your hands busy. Playing with straps or garters may give your hands something to do, so you feel less awkward in front of the camera.

· Movement.

We will have you move in the bed. In fact, you may be rotating so much that you’ll start to feel like a rotisserie chicken. This can make you feel like you aren’t doing things correctly, but you are! We are just positioning you to make sure your legs are long and you are looking proportionate. Try to go with the flow when you are at your shoot. Every position increases your chances for absolutely loving your boudoir photo collection.

· Size of Bed

We shoot on a queen size bed and have a HUGE headboard! After many, many, many sessions we KNOW for sure that this is the best combination for all body types. Anything smaller than a queen size and ladies can look squished. Anything larger than a queen size and ladies can look disproportioned. So, come on in confidently knowing you are on the perfect size to get ahhhh-mazing images!

Bed Session Bliss

Bed sessions should be comfortable and fun. We want you to feel happy that you’ve had a sexy photo shoot!

Ready to talk more about the whole experience? CLICK HERE and let's chat!

xoLorie and team

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