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These are a few of my favorite things!


It doesn't have to be difficult to find the perfect pieces!

The most common question we get once someone books a session with us is, "what do I wear and where do I shop!?"

So I created this page to give you direct access to some of our favorite things. The links will take you directly to the Amazon page - just make sure and adjust the size accordingly before checking out.

We DO have hundred of pieces of lingerie for you in our Lux Closet. But we still ask you bring a few of your own. This way you know what you like, and have some things on hand that fit your body and personality, too!

Consider me your personal shopper!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

But I am also able to connect you with some amazing deals!


Body suits are our most favorite piece of lingerie. They are flattering on every body type and come in so many styles and colors!


There are so many beautiful shapewear pieces here. They look wonderful on their own, or under another piece. 


I just love things that sparkle! These are a must have for your session if you want to really shine.


We do have a LOT of heels in the Lux Closet. However, if you want to own your own pair and make sure it is a style you want and love - these are great options and are different than what we have on hand. Remember, the thinner and higher the heel, the longer your legs will look!


If you have a piece of lingerie that fits perfectly, except you need a little more 'umpf' in the chest, these are a great option!


I LOVE body jewelry! It is such a fun addition to your lingerie. OR, you can opt to do images with the body jewelry only. Either way, you cannot go wrong with these options!


These three piece sets are a bra/panty set as well as a garter belt. You can opt to pair this with some stockings or not. Either way these sets are FIRE!


Please note - these are NOT thigh highs! We want to use stockings with garter belts. Also below is a link to fish-net pantyhose. These are super fun to wear in your boudoir shoot too!


I love the subtle sexiness these robes give. We have the big Hollywood robes in the Lux Closet, but not these beautiful lace ones. So grab one for you to bring to your session!


These are super fun and and are a great way to provide a little extra coverage but still look amazing!


Since we started out as pinup photographers many years ago, these styles still hold a place near and dear in my heart!


Whether or not you decide to use the Lux Closet, you may want to have these on hand. A nude thong (for sanitary reasons and to do some implied nude!) and a really nice nude and/or black pushup bra.

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