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I practiced what I preach

...and it was scary!

The one thing I say over and over is "There is nothing to be nervous about." I know that doesn't help. I know because I was right in your shoes. Here is how it all went down. And some of my own images.

When I started doing boudoir photography I encouraged ladies left and right. I said things like "don't be nervous" and "you'll have so much fun" and "it doesn't matter that you have_____" (weight to lose, scars that show, pimples to pop, etc). But here is the thing. I wasn't speaking from first hand experience.

My husband is a photographer and taught me everything he knows. So dear old hubby one day said "Hey, let me do some boudoir pictures of you."


I am good.

I need to lose weight. I have nothing to wear. I can't do my hair. I need a mani/pedi. What will I do with pictures of me. I am better behind the camera. I can't pose myself.

I had every excuse that you some!

That is when I made the decision that I really need to practice what I preach. How can I possibly tell other ladies what to expect and what the experience is all about unless I too get to do it.

So, when I say that I know first hand how you feel, I do! I was so nervous the night before. I couldn't hardly sleep. The day of, I showered and saw myself naked (yikes!) and had self doubt creeping in. But I just knew I had to push through. And man I am so glad I did.

My makeup artists are all sooooo wonderful at just helping you calm down a little. Relax. Enjoy being pampered. And wowsers! When I saw the magic she created I knew I had this. My confidence shot up more than I would have imagined. By the time the session was over I was on cloud 9. And then I got to see the images for the first time. There may have been a tear or 2 because I saw myself how hubby sees me.

I am beautiful.

I am worthy of feeling beautiful.

You are too.

And now I can say confidently I know exactly how you feel when you are nervous, unsure, afraid. I can also say confidently that you will feel like a million bucks when you leave. You will also fall in love with yourself again and again.


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