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Why Ms N Decided To Do This... For Herself!

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Ms. N came to see me and we had so much fun. After her session she shared with me what she went through leading up to her appointment. And the after effects. Read all about it here.

I am not crying...I am cutting onions.

But THIS is why I do what I do.

I would like to take a moment to explain MY personal fears, excitement and overall joy with this photo shoot.

Before Thanksgiving, I had decided that these were really cool pics and what a way to surprise that special someone that you are with. Especially since after 8 months, he has just started saying " I love you". His birthday is in March, so if I do this in Jan and file my taxes early...

Then BAM... done deal. Until life does life type things and throws you a curve ball. My appointment was scheduled for Jan 11... perfect! Only, he broke up with me on Jan 1. Happy new year, right!?!? So no problem, I have already paid the sitting fee and I don't know how this works if I cancel.... so, I typed out an email to Lorie to ask her to do a drawing or something to give away my paid sitting, to someone else, but before I could hit send, something came over me and i deleted the email.

I am a single mom. I never wear makeup, I have not bought myself new clothes or new anything in years. I bust my ass to make ends meet every damn day! On the very rare occasion that I actually get a compliment, I look around to see who they are talking to... cause no way it could be ME! so you know what??? I DESERVE to sit in a chair and be pampered. Hair and makeup... heck yeah! I deserve to feel pretty and look pretty, I have literally NEVER done something for myself and certainly not like this. So even if NO ONE ever sees these pics.... I can look at them and remember how cool that experience was. So yup, I'm keeping my date and I'm keeping my pics!

I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door, being pampered and fixed up... looking like i literally NEVER have before. It was so much fun. Of course then Lorie gets you pumped to go change and come into the studio... only NOW I'm standing mostly naked in a stranger's bathroom and I am supposed to walk out and act like this is normal. I scare my own self in a mirror half naked. I will scare her for sure!! I gathered up my nerves and emotions off the bathroom floor and pulled up what little panty I had on and walked out that door. Lorie acted as if I was fully dressed, never skipped a beat and we jumped right into taking pics. After the first few camera clicks... you forget that your pasty white fat is exposed. Suddenly you feel like you could run to Walmart just as you are. I don't suggest it, but I'm just saying.

I was sure that no one would ever see these pics... cause who would want to anyways?? I work in an office with over 40 women and several of them have seen the pics and can not compliment me and the pics ENOUGH. They have made me feel so beautiful. The response to these pics has been amazing. Lorie was incredible... kept me laughing the whole time and she never skipped a beat, even when her light just decided to blow right in the middle of the shoot.

I'm so glad I took the chance and did not decide to back out. LADIES, even if it's only 2 hours of your life.... you feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet and you have the memories in full color to remind you forever, just how beautiful and amazing you truly are.... even under the pretty makeup and hair. Most important.... don't ever let a man or anyone else allow you to blow out your own candle. Shine bright always! Be your own beautiful ALWAYS!!

Thank you Lorie!!!"

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