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Most common reason why you haven't done a boudoir session

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

One of the most common things I hear is, "I need to lose weight first."

No. Just stop.

I am all for being healthy and moving your body more and eating less junk food. I have a membership to a club. And I actually go. Sometimes.

But why do you feel you need to lose weight first?

Has someone told you that you need to? Has society pushed what your ideal figure should look like? Excuse my language, but fuck both of those. Don't ever let someone tell you what you should look like, what size you should be, what your waist or hips, butt or boobs should be. Because guess what? You are a fucking goddess and you need to rock that body you are carrying around!

When you come in for your photo shoot I will help you do just that. First, I will pose you accordingly for your body type. I can take 10 pounds off you just in posing alone.

I can do more in a one hour photo shoot than you can accomplish in 6 months at the gym.

I will lift you up. I will encourage you. I will point out what makes you sparkle. And it will all come from a place of love and honesty.

And when you see the final outcome of your session you will see. You will see how beautiful you are. In your body. In your own skin. You will see how those that love you see you. You will see exactly what I see when you are in front of my camera.

You are strong and beautiful and sexy and YOU need to see it.

Let me show you.

Not a model. Everyday beautiful goddess!

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1 Comment

Lorie is Amazing at making you feel comfortable and confident. Loved the whole experiance.

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