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Boudoir Photography Is MUCH Different Than Glamor Shots

In the 1990’s, there was a collaboration between shopping mall photography studios and women seeking a glamourized existence, and it was called Glamour Shots. Women could go down to their local shopping mall and could get sexy glamour shots. While you may have to pay a little more for today’s modern-day counterpart, boudoir photography is a toned-down, tasteful account of the female body. It is basically Glamour Shots elevated.

What Were Glamour Shots Like?

At the height of their popularity, Glamour Shots were a must-have for every woman who desired a little pampering. They were beautiful in a way that fit the times, but looking back, they were very dated. Women with 1990s perms and bangs with overdone eyeshadow and softened edges. White satin gloves and the equivalent of vintage prom dresses. The Glamour Shots that remain are recognizable relics.

This was not a time of smartphones, filters, and selfies. As a result, this form of photography filled a similar need. It gave women a chance to express themselves in a way that wasn’t available by any other easy means. But it fell short because it didn’t evolve, and there are only a few studios left today.

Why Did Glamour Shots Need Elevation?

Glamour shots died because they were too over-the-top. They needed a little calming from their frenetic use of make-up and hairspray. It wasn’t the genuine representation of soul and body that today’s boudoir photography gives us. Instead, it was an anxious effort to make up a new woman from something that was already beautiful to begin with.

The glamour shots of yore were meant to hide reality and paint a picture that was far from actuality. Each woman ended up looking like a filtered Debbie Reynolds from the 1950s, and that was the point. But today, the desire for this look has been replaced with a look that is more authentic.

The Real Deal

Ultimately, the purpose of boudoir photography evolved into real representation of the female figure. Women wanted to look beautiful, but they also wanted to feel like themselves. If a photo warped them into a different person, it didn’t fulfill that purpose.

That is why Boudoir By Lorie is the perfect elevation into the female photography need. It shows women in their rawness but uses natural or subtle techniques to highlight and enhance rather that disguise and cover. It is empowering, and it is everything that represents boudoir photography.

Ready to talk more about the whole experience? CLICK HERE and let's chat!

xoLorie and team

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