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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Celebrating your body with boudoir photography is exciting and liberating, but it also involves some creativity. After all, you want your pictures to stand out as originals that highlight your best attributes. If you are stumped about ideas for your sexy photos for your significant other or for yourself, take a peek at these ideas and see what tickles your fancy.

1. Coastal Dreams: Houston is near multiple white sand beaches that make the perfect backdrop for boudoir photography. Ideas for bringing boudoir to Gulf waters include blanket-only body coverage, lingerie on horseback (or while walking a horse), and even bringing the bedroom to the beach.

2. Lone Star Love: Harnessing your Texas pride can make for a cutesy boudoir look with a Western hat and boots paired with lingerie. Or it can be sizzling hot with fire and whips. Taking a Lone Star approach to your photo shoot gives you a theme to work with, and your significant other may appreciate the sexy image of a beautiful Texan goddess.

3. Poolside Romance: Pools are a natural place to bring out your sexy side because there is always less clothing and more skin in these locations. As a result, pools have a lot of “beds” that make for great shots such as lawn chairs or pool floats. Some pool environments also include fire or fountain features that can add sexy to your setting.

4. Wild Kingdom: Cheetah print is bold and wild in a photo shoot, but don’t stop short with this cat. Blankets with zebra or tiger stripes can add a playful, animalistic nature to your look.

5. Bathtub Pleasure: Did somebody say bubbles? You can have a completely “nude” photoshoot with bubbles while actually wearing a swimsuit. Talk about provocative without potential discomfort that can arise from full nudity.

6. Field of Bliss: Don’t forget about the natural beauty found outside of the city, and many fields have seasonal flowers or colors that add vibrancy to a shoot. Don’t forget about the wind either and how it can be used to create flowing beauty.

7. Honey I’m Home: Role playing can be very sexy, and pretending to be a 1950s housewife can ramp up that testosterone in your significant other. We’re talking aprons and feather dusters.

8. 📷Baby Doll Innocence: Not all boudoir ideas have to be outside of the box, and a beautiful way to start with boudoir is to take the baby doll approach. White colors, not-so-innocent nighties, and pouty faces are very sultry indeed.

9. Black as Night: A bed with black sheets adds an element of naughtiness to any color of skin. Light skin is highlighted with contrast, and dark skin is shadowed with temptation. You can create similar effects playing with darkness and shadows or even wearing black lingerie and robes.

10. Classic Pinup: Boudoir may not exist without the classic pinup model, so bring it back with a classic pinup shot. Vintage swimsuits or corsets with heels and a bow take you back in time to a nostalgic and fun way to get a boudoir shot you’ll enjoy for years.

These 10 sexy photo ideas for boudoir in Houston, Texas are not official ideas, and they have only been named in order to show you how to spark your imagination. If you use your creativity, you’ll find an idea that fits your personality and your boudoir goals perfectly.

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Kay Ann
Kay Ann
Apr 14, 2020

1, 2, 3, 5, 8, these ideas

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