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5 Boudoir Photo Session Mistakes

When you look up boudoir photo session mistakes, there are countless blogs about how to be a better boudoir photographer. This is awesome, but it doesn’t really help the person who is about to be photographed. Not all mistakes belong to the photographer, and there are a few things you can avoid to help perfect your shoot.

5 Boudoir Photo Session Mistakes

1. Spray tans: If you have a VERY good technician, you might be able to get away with a spray tan in your photo shoot. More often than not, spray tans actually look odd and uneven when photographed. This can be fixed with Photoshop, but it makes your shoot more expensive.

2. Not drinking enough water: Looking healthy and vibrant in a photo shoot requires some H2O. If you are dehydrated, your skin could look irritated or dry. Your eyes won’t be bright. Drink the recommended amount of water in the days prior to your shoot.

3. Cheap or ill-fitting lingerie: Spend a little money on some nice lingerie for your shoot. If it doesn’t look and feel right, neither will your photos.

4. No professional services: It is also a mistake to not invest in a little pampering before your shoot. Make sure your hair has been recently done, get your nails done, and get a professional wax. All of these services will put the finishing touches on your photos, but make sure to do them at least a few days before the shoot, so you can fix any mistakes should they occur.

5. Lack of sleep: Lastly, you must get a good night’s sleep prior to the shoot. Of course, this helps you look less tired in the shoot. More importantly, it reduces stress. You want to feel relaxed during your shoot, which can be difficult for some people because they are taking intimate photos in front of a photographer. Sleep will help you loosen up, and your poses won’t seem so forced.

Your photographer will be able to fix many things about your photos, and an inexperienced photographer will make mistakes. However, you can do your part in ensuring a positive experience by not making these 5 boudoir session mistakes. Poses and Photoshop can enhance photos, but you want your shoot to be as natural as possible. Avoiding these mistakes will also make your shoot more fun because you will feel healthy and vibrant.

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