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5 Sexy Boudoir Photography Valentines for the Houston Couple

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there is no better way to celebrate this lovers’ holiday than with boudoir photography. Give your SO the gift of your seductive body, and remind them what they are getting under the covers.

5 Sexy Boudoir Photography Valentines for the Houston Couple

1. Calendar:

One fun way to allow your partner to discretely display your boudoir photos is by putting them on a calendar. This can be a wall calendar, or it could be a desktop calendar. Have lots of images? Do a daily tear-off calendar, or set up a digital calendar for your partner’s eyes only.

2. Album:

Our luxury albums are GORGEOUS, and they are a great way to tangibly display boudoir photos in a classy manner. Your loved one will enjoy turning the pages of your sexy shoot time and time again.

3. Photo Box:

You can get really creative with a photo box. It can be a formal way to house your photos, or it can be a creative, crafty box you combine with love letters and other meaningful objects to make the perfect gift. Consider your options for boxes such as cigar boxes, cedar boxes, and other keepsake box types.

4. Metal:

A more modern way to gift your photos in a way that is physical is to have them printed on a piece of metal. The metal makes your image POP with color and is simply beautiful hanging on a wall.

5. Frames:

Lastly, you can frame your boudoir photos for a classic finish. This is not as obvious as it seems. Sure, frames can be hung on the wall. However, they can also be included in a Ferris wheel photo frame or a hinged frame that can be stowed away in a desk. Frames can be chosen based on your desired use for the photos. In some glorious cases, you may frame a large boudoir photo to hang on the wall. It all depends on your desired discreetness and how the photo will be used.

Valentine’s Day Boudoir is a Great Gift

Teddy bears and chocolates are so typical for Valentine’s Day, but you can really wow your partner with a boudoir gift instead. Don’t just do the usual, and include a boudoir photo gift as part of your valentine to make it the best Valentine’s Day yet.

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