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5 Ways to get Super Sexy Legs for your Houston Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir isn’t always about nudity, but it is typically about showing a little skin. Long, sexy legs are often a part of that look. However, it can be difficult to know how to make your legs shine in a shot.

1. Sultry Stockings

Thigh highs, garter belts, and fishnets come to mind when thinking about sexy legs for boudoir. The important thing about these items is that they fit well. It won’t look good if your thigh highs are too tight or if your fishnets hug your skin too closely. If you get the right fit, stockings can really put you in the right mood for a shoot.

2. Lengthening Position

Crossed ankles, pointing toes…the flamingo position. All of these can help to make your legs flattering and sexy for the camera. Talk to your photographer about the best ways to place your legs so they look sizzling hot for your shoot.

3. The Slit

The dress or nightgown slit is kind of a trick you can use to show off your legs without baring it all. You’ll definitely want to play around with this because the slit itself exudes sexiness, but it can also allow enough fabric to hide any troublesome spots.

4. Accentuating Shoes

You may know this already, but if you match your shoes to your skin or stockings color, you’ll have legs that go on for days! Really. That is why so many celebrities wear nude heels. Also avoid straps if you want to lengthen your legs. Anything that breaks up the smooth contour of your legs also shortens them.

5. High-cut Panties

Boy shorts are cute, and they can definitely be used in boudoir, but if you are going for the distance…as far as your legs are concerned…you’re going to want to go with some higher cut panties. This is the same idea as the accentuating shoes. The longer you can keep that leg line going, the longer your legs will appear in your photography.

Legs Communicate Boudoir Mood

Your legs can also be a place where you show off the mood of your boudoir shoot. Maybe you are going for a cute look. Some playful lingerie with knee highs may speak to that effect. If you want to be more dramatic, maybe some black heels with dark fishnets. Think about your legs and how they communicate your goals for your boudoir shoot, and you’ll get perfection from head to toe.

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