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5 Ways to Look Naked in Your Boudoir Photo Shoot while Exposing Nothing

The appearance and allure of the naked body in boudoir photography can be created while you keep your sexy bits covered. Your boudoir shoot is supposed to be revealing, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your comfort zone. Here are a few ideas to LOOK naked in your boudoir photography shoot without actually exposing anything.

5 Ways to Look Naked in Your Boudoir Photo Shoot while Exposing Nothing

1. Reveal Shoulders/Back: Look at the profile pictures of people wearing boat necks or tube tops, and they may look like they’re naked. Showing the shoulders or the back can make you look like you have nothing on, and it suggests that you are naked without seeing the rest of the subject’s body. Let the imagination work, and you can have nakedness without nakedness.

2. Use Blankets or Loose Clothing: You can also look naked by covering up. Holding up clothing or blankets as if to cover yourself gives the viewer the idea that there is something to hide. Again, expose the shoulders, and it is more convincing. Showing a little leg and thigh doesn’t hurt. This also allows you to cover spots you want covered and reveal your most appealing parts.

3. Nude Undergarments: Skin-colored undergarments are also a way to play like you are naked without baring it all. You can do a straight-in-your-face nude undergarment look that makes people look twice, or you can hide your undergarments without fear that they will be seen. It can also help ease the Photoshop process if you are editing photos.

4. Use Angles: Your photographer can also use camera angles to make you look like you are in your birthday suit. Shadows and lighting can decrease details in areas of the image where clothing would be expected. It doesn’t matter what you are actually wearing because it becomes invisible.

5. Clever Positioning: Lastly, you can position your body to look nude. Arching the back or crossing the legs can cover panties. Lying down can make topless an option. It is all about positions, and you can wear lingerie as long as you cover it with the correct body parts. This can be very handy for shots where a person in lying horizontally or in seated positions.

Less is More in Naked Boudoir

When it comes to boudoir photography, it is only as naked as you want it to be. If you want it to look naked but are a bit too modest to show yourself to the camera, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone. Just find a way to make it work, and you can look naked in your boudoir photo shoot while exposing nothing.

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