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Bras, Corsets and Body Suits for your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Your boudoir shoot will probably involve some lingerie, but it is difficult to know what’s available and what is right for your body type. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in what you are wearing. Here are a few other tidbits of knowledge that may help you on your journey to your boudoir best.

Bras, Corsets, and Bodysuits for your Boudoir Shoot


There are not many limitations when it comes to bra choice because there are so many types of bras. If you are curvaceous, don’t be afraid to flaunt it if you’ve got it. However, a smaller cup size may warrant a little push-up, padding, or coverage. While a demi-cup may better fit the voluptuous, a bralette may accentuate narrower profiles without any false accentuation.

Don’t sell yourself short if you have a certain bra type in mind. The most important thing is that you have the proper size, and you feel great. This confidence will make your photos shine.


A corset is meant to minimize your waist, but with today’s fashion corsets, they don’t have to be uncomfortable. What this means is that you have options. Use it to slim your waist if that is the function you are seeking, but it’s a fun costume element if you want to choose the less-functional version.

Boudoir Tidbit: Corsets come in two styles: over or under the bust.

So much of the purpose behind boudoir is getting you to have fun in your element, and a corset can add the details you want to make your shoot appear authentic or dreamlike.

Body Suits

Body suits have to be my most favorite thing right now. They are full coverage and fit very similar to a bathing suit. Body suits are often more comfortable and more flexible than corsets. They also are super flattering for every.single.body! If you are a bit insecure about your mid section, this is a must have for your session!

Before you attend your shoot, go to some lingerie boutiques. Try on a few options and see what you like. Not only is it fun to try on some things you may not wear in everyday life, but you get to envision your shoot while you look in the mirror. You don’t have to go broke buying lingerie, but don’t scrape the bottom of the barrel for a discount either. The quality of your lingerie will show by the fit and material. It will also show on your face knowing that you are wearing something special.

Curious about jewelry and what to wear with your outfits? Make sure and check out Jewelry Ideas To Make Your Boudoir Shoot Sizzle!

Are you ready to talk about YOUR photo shoot? CLICK HERE and I will be in touch with you asap!


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