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Bubbles and Boudoir in Houston

Bathrooms Bring Sexy and Fun to the Boudoir Photography Scene

Most of the time, boudoir subjects are looking for an appealing way to show off their sexiness along with their unique flavor, and bathrooms can bring both of those features to the photography set. Steam, bubbles, and water make excellent props, and they stir the hot, steamy feelings you want to evoke in your photos.

6 Bathroom Boudoir Ideas for Your Houston Photography Shoot

1. Shower: The 1980s movie, Flashdance, has an iconic water scene that is everything a shower boudoir shower shoot can be. Wet hair, arched backs, and droplets dancing over closed eye and sultry lips are a photographer’s dream. Lighting options can also add visual interest or silhouetted options.

2. Bath: The bath is a great prop because it can hide anything you don’t want seen and show off what you do want seen. These are great for more modest shots, but they can also leave room for some artistic touches like flower petals or lit candles.

3. Bubbles: Bubbles are notoriously paired with bathtubs, but they can also work as a clothing option for a boudoir bathroom shoot. Strategically-placed bubbles make the perfect “bare wear,” and they don’t feel revealing under nude undergarments. Lingerie made of nothing more than bubbles is fun, sexy, and it lets the imagination run freely.

4. Steam: A steamy bathroom silhouettes the body or allows for some softening of edges. It also can create movement in a photo, and a body can be entering or emerging from the steam to create that motion.

5. Mirror: A mirror gives the boudoir setting tons of options. A subject can be getting ready for a night on the town, or the mirror can reflect her in the bathtub. Mirrors create room for stories of self-reflection, and they create visual interest in their reflected perspective.

Bathroom Boudoir is One of Many Alluring Options

When you are considering a theme for a boudoir shot, it important that you pick one where you feel comfortable. This is why bathroom settings are so great. They offer a common place where one typically feels comfortable, and they offer enough options for posing and modesty that you can transform into your goddess self while remaining in control over what you are revealing.

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