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Houston Boudoir Photography for the Curvy Divas

Lingerie models are often curvier than runway models, and this is for a very good reason. Curves are sexy! If you are a plus-size gal, don’t let your curviness dissuade you from getting boudoir photography. In many ways, you’ve got an advantage over those with smaller frames. Your body is beautiful no matter what size it is, and a boudoir photography shoot can prove that plus-size ladies have got what it takes to be a beautiful diva in the boudoir scene.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Plus-size Figure with Boudoir Photography

1. Use Corsets to Accentuate Curves

Shapewear is for women with shape, which means things like corsets and bustiers work well on curvier women. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these items to get all your curves where you want them to be, and celebrate the fact that you don’t have to squish your body to the point of exhaustion to create some curves.

2. Use Positions to Flaunt it Because You’ve Got It

One of the greatest tools of boudoir photography is positioning the woman in a way that evokes sexiness and accentuates the positive attributes of the body. If you’re a plus-size woman, you have more areas to accentuate than you may think. Proper positioning reveals the beautiful body you have without any apologies for extra pounds. Plus-size boudoir photography shows that you are the complete package, and there is no room for anything but celebration.

3. Use Props to Aid in Positioning

Props can be very useful in all boudoir photography, but for the plus-size subject, props give more versatility in positioning and getting the perfect angles to show off your beauty. They can also give a lot of comfort to the first-time boudoir subject who may feel a little self-conscious without something to hold on to.

4. Wear Sexy Lingerie

Houston has plenty of plus-size lingerie boutiques available, and your boudoir photography session gives you a chance to splurge on something that makes you sizzle but also on something that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Get some lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess, and your inner and outer goddess will show in the shoot.

5. Bring Your Confidence

Lastly, own the fact that you are a beautiful woman with confidence and sexiness. Plus-size is not a criticism but a compliment in boudoir where curves and softness are praised traits. Have confidence in your own skin, and your beauty will be obvious to anyone who sees your photos.

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