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Houston Boudoir Photography Undressed

Intimate moments don’t start naked. That’s why the act of undressing is so exciting. It is the anticipation of intimacy, the readiness for it. Sexual swaying and dancing often accompanies the removal of clothing, but the body language is hot whether there is a dance or walk. The special emotions that come with the pre-intimate actions is what makes Houston Boudoir Photography Undressed a magical concept.

What If You Don’t Want To Get Undressed?

Don’t worry if undressing wasn’t part of your boudoir photo shoot plan. You don’t have to get undressed in order to “undress” for your photo shoot. We will talk to you about your comfort levels. It is amazing how the appearance of undressing can be achieved without uncovering any intimate parts.

Getting Undressed Gives You Something To Do

One of the most awkward parts of a boudoir shoot is not knowing what to do with your body. Your photographer will help you to pose in a manner that lengthens legs and enhances your figure, but it can still feel a bit odd. If you have some action to perform (like undressing), you will look more natural and be able to loosen up for the shoot. This is similar to the effect of forcing a laugh to fake a better smile.

Undressing Can Be More Flattering

One part of boudoir photography that can be difficult even with proper planning is perfectly-fitting lingerie. Undressing takes the focus off of the fit and gives you the opportunity to hold onto straps or elastic instead of having it indent your skin. It can also give you the opportunity to cover up areas of your body with which you may not feel comfortable exposing. The results give an opportunity for flattering photos that appear to be revealing more than they actually are.

Create A Boudoir Mood By Undressing

One last benefit to “undressing” for your boudoir shoot is that it puts you in the mood to look sexy. Professional models find ways to look authentic, but you probably don’t have years spent training to pose in the same ways that they do. Undressing adds an element of authenticity to your photos that makes them seem real and very sexy.

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