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Everyone always wants to know, how do you pose so many different types of women?

Well, there are a few simple steps EVERYONE can take to make sure your images are the best they can be! Try some or all of these next time someone whips out a camera or their cell phone and strike your pose!

1. Instead of standing straight on towards the camera, turn your hips slightly.

2. Put all your weight on your back leg.

3. Put a little bend in the front leg.

4. Put your hand on your waist (a tad higher than you think!)

5. Poke your chin towards the camera

6. And now tilt your chin down.

7. Give a genuine smile. Make sure it shows in your eyes! It helps if you give a little giggle too. :)

Here is a quick selfie I just did to show you the difference! I hope these little tips help you with your selfie game or give you that confidence when someone pulls out a camera!

I'd love to be YOUR photographer!

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