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Meet Your Boudoir Photographer

As you may or may not know, I do my own boudoir shoot once a year too. I have my hubby take the photos for me. He loves it and if it was up to him he would do them everyday. I am lucky that he is an awesome photographer as well!

I have to admit, this year was a little challenging for me. As like most everyone else, it is 2020 and things have been so odd for me! I haven't felt "pretty" and I sure have been feeling my age (46). I kept thinking I need to lose a little more weight before I do mine. But then I thought...'WAIT A DAMN SECOND LORIE!'

When you contact me and say you are too old (no such thing) or too big (no such thing), I tell you ALLLL the reasons why you are wrong. So I took my own advice and just did it. I was so nervous and anxious and excited and I went through all the same emotions all of you go through. But you know what? At the end, I had the same emotions as you too. I felt like a goddess. My self-confidence sky-rocketed. And I felt that I was worth it.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session. I cannot wait for my luxury album and wall art to arrive!

Let's chat about how YOU want to be photographed! Click HERE for more information. See you in the studio soon!



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