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Ms. A's Boudoir Session

We had so much fun at her session! She shares a little bit of her experience here. Check it out!

Who is this badass, hardworking momma of 3, backyard goat and chicken raising lady!? Me!! Lol!!

Thank you so kindly for taking me in and giving me my confidence back!! You're one heck of a gal to give us ladies something we've been longing for!!

Let's face it ladies, we have gone through some shit!! Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Don't ignore your own potential! Let yourself feel empowered by embracing yourself!

We are who we are for a reason and nobody can take that away from us!!!

Thank you Amber for such a fun day! You killed it at this session and I cannot wait for you to come back for another one!

xo Lorie

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