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Naughty Or Nice?

Houston Boudoir Photography: Naughty or Nice?

There aren’t really any steadfast rules when you are trying to design your boudoir photography shoot, but two themes typically emerge. One is naughty, and the other is nice. You don’t have to stick to just one, but it tends to be easier to display your dominatrix side at a different time than your angelic side. Either way, you have to know how to successfully create the look you choose. So are you going to be naughty? Nice? Or a little bit of both?

3 Tips on Being Naughty

Naughty doesn’t have to mean you are engaging in questionable or taboo behavior. It just means that you are in control, and you are ready. It is more about attitude and expression than leather or whips. If you want to be naughty, here are 3 tips:

· Strong Posture: There’s no self-doubt in the in the naughty sector, so throw those shoulders back. This is no time for playful bashfulness. Lean into everything, and you will own the shot. And always make eye contact. Your photographer will help you to have an expression that displays your sexiness.

· Dress for It: This means no reservations. You can still cover up if you have some areas you don’t want to expose, but give off the image that you would bare it all with no regrets. This means super sexy lingerie, garters, and the accessories that show off the fact that you know what you are doing.

· Have a Naughty Inner Voice: If you haven’t really explored your naughty side, it can be difficult to get there. This is why using an inner voice can really help you through your boudoir shoot. Say the things in your head that you may never say aloud. Say them aloud if that helps. But keep the sexy language running through your mind, and your body will follow suit.

3 Tips on Being Nice

Nice is sort of a paradox when it comes to the topic of sexuality, but that’s why we love it! In some ways, there is nothing naughtier than being nice because it is a covert way to get to the same place. It can also be more comfortable when you are doing a photo shoot. If you want to be nice in your boudoir shoot, here are three tips:

· Submissive Posture: You don’t have to look at the camera. Maybe you are looking out the window. Or, act like you are ignoring the camera, but then take a quick glance. The shoulders don’t have to be back, and you may even incorporate a pouty slouch. Work with your photographer here because there’s an art to making an effective submissive posture.

· Dress for It: You are now wanting to look like an angel. White or light colors can go a long way toward this goal. You can also choose baby doll nightgowns or pearls as accessories that show a bit of reserve when it comes to the bedroom. Basically, you can put it on and know if you look like a diva or a debutant.

· Play Bashful: Pull the sheets up to your mouth, or use your hands to cover up. Use your fingertips to touch your face, or try any other self-soothing moves that make you look vulnerable. Depending on your style, this can be obvious false bashfulness or authentic.

It’s Not Just Naughty or Nice in Houston

Boudoir photography has many themes for the Houston boudoir shot, so if you don’t like the naughty vs. nice theme options, broaden your horizons and look for the idea that you feel is worthy of your time. If you are feeling naughty or nice, these tips should help to get you on your way to ta successful shoot.

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