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Ownership, Enhancement, and Transformation in Houston Boudoir Photography

The compelling feeling to have a boudoir photography shoot is a common phenomenon. If women haven’t done it, they’ve usually thought about it. We all see beautiful women adorning magazines and store displays, and we wonder if…

Every woman can be the woman in the window. It is about confidence, inner beauty, and beautiful photography poses and technique. There are three overarching themes that present themselves in boudoir body imagery, and they are: ownership, enhancement, and transformation.


Ownership is about accepting your body for the amazing being that it is. Your scars, cellulite, stretch marks, and imperfections are signs that you are alive and that you are a survivor. You have not been kept in a padded room and fed only kale, tofu, and quinoa with 8 glasses of high mountain spring water per day (not that this is the recipe for perfection, but you get the idea).

You’ve gone out into the world, and your body shows it. If this means the marks of childbirth or the physique of the body builder, your body tells a story in which you can be proud. Life is precious, and there is no shame in being confident in your body habitus no matter what it is. It shows your mistakes, and it shows your accomplishments. It shows your vulnerabilities, and when you proudly accept your strengths and weaknesses, sexiness shines through.


Boudoir is anything you want it to be. This means that you can be au naturel, but you can also dress up those limbs and hide your imperfections, like turning your body into the perfectly wrapped present. While there are bare face movements meant to show reality and give us realistic expectations, models are still airbrushed and wearing accentuating clothing, and you can do this too. Don’t be ashamed to show your true self, but don’t be afraid to hide your areas you are self-conscious about. Boudoir is about you, and if you want photos that show you in your best possible light, do it!


If you dream is to be a dominatrix or an innocent angel, you can transform your image into anything with boudoir. This is where a boudoir photography shoot can serve as a creative outlet. It becomes less about who you are and how you are displayed and more about getting into character and transforming into another type of person or being. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can become. You can be a fairy, a school girl, or an animal among many other choices. Your sets can become those from storybooks or video games. Transformation is fun, but only if this is your goal.

Setting Goals in Boudoir

You can put as much or as little thought into your boudoir photography shoot as you want. However, thinking about what your goals are for your body imagery may help to achieve your desired results. CONTACT US HERE and let's talk about what you have in mind for your session!

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