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Tips on Getting Ready for Your Boudoir Shoot

After you have your first boudoir shoot, you want to feel like you did everything right to look your best. Here are a few things to put on your “getting ready for your boudoir shoot” list that will ensure you look flawless.

10 Tips on Getting Ready for Your Boudoir Shoot

1. Wear loose clothing. You want your skin to look flawless when you arrive at your boudoir photography shoot, and tight clothing will leave red marks and indents on your skin. Instead of jeans that push buttons and rivets into your skin, wear loose-fitting clothing that gently covers the skin.

2. Use clear deodorant. White streaks on your lingerie are difficult to hide in photos, so make sure you are wearing clear deodorant. This also prevents any cakey underarm regions.

3. Wax a few days prior. Don’t wait for the night before a shoot to wax, or your skin will look like you just waxed. This means hair-free, but it also means red and irritated. Do it a few days or a week prior.

4. Don’t make changes immediately prior to shoot. There’s nothing worse than getting a bad haircut right before a photo shoot. Instead, make sure you get your hair done about 2 weeks prior to the big day. This will allow time to correct mistakes and also time for you to get used to your new do. Think about this with any major changes.

5. Drink water. No matter what your body type is, one thing that makes everyone look better is good old H2O. Water keeps the skin hydrated and reduces signs of dehydration. Your skin will appear vibrant and luscious when you go to your boudoir shoot.

6. Don’t overindulge prior to shoot. Eating too much salt, drinking too much alcohol, and even eating too much can just ruin the appearance of your shoot. You’re more prone to swelling with salt or alcohol, and full bellies look…full. Maximize your beauty by keeping all extreme ingestion activities to a minimum before your shoot.

7. Get a manicure and pedicure. When you are trying to look your best, a manicure and pedicure is like icing on a cake. There’s no sense engaging in extra skin care habits if you are going to tarnish it with jagged nails and chapped cuticles. Instead, finish your look by getting a manicure a couple days before your shoot.

8. Buy new lingerie. You probably have some favorite lingerie you want to wear to the shoot, and that’s perfect. But also buy some new lingerie that adds a little something special to your look. You will feel like a new pampered woman and not just a girl wearing the same stuff as usual.

9. Don’t use fake tan. Fake tans look fake, so keep it real in the photography studio. Your photographer will have plenty of filters and lighting to make your skin look vibrant, so you don’t have to worry if you’re a little pasty white.

10. Stretch, meditate, relax. Lastly, it is good to have a good go-to method to relax before your shoot. If you stretch or meditate in the morning to get into your groove, now is a good time to do that. Anything that reduces stress and is healthy for the mind and body will make you appear more relaxed when you pose.

Don’t stress, and prepare with these 10 tips.

It may seem like a lot of preparation to do a boudoir photography shoot, but the results will be well worth your effort. Don’t stress about getting everything done perfectly. Just do the best you can, and your photographer will take care of the rest.

Are you ready to chat about YOUR boudoir experience? CLICK HERE and we will be in touch soon!

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