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Why A Boudoir Shoot Will Change Your Life

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

So you are thinking about doing a boudoir photo shoot? Let me first give you a little warning about it. This experience will change your life. Completely. I am sure you are thinking it wont. I mean, it is just a few hours out of your day. But, I promise you...You are going to come back and tell me I am right. It is life changing. And here are a few of the ways it will change you.

First, and probably the most important in my opinion, is that you will inspire others. More times than not, one friend does a session and then the ripple effect happens. All of your friends are going to want the same experience. And it will be because YOU inspired them. They may have been thinking, "I have always wanted to do one, but now that I see your images I know I can do it too!". So, prepare yourself to get lots of private messages asking about your experience and how much you loved it!


The next way this will change your life - you are going to walk out of my door with more confidence than you have had---pretty much ever! You are going to be so proud of yourself for not only doing the session, but for: 1) Actually wearing that outfit you packed 2) Getting into those poses you didn't think you could pull off 3) Seeing yourself all dressed up with your hair and makeup done in a way you have never thought to do them before. *Side note: make dinner plans for after your shoot because you will be looking super sexy!*

The third life changing event you will notice is that your intimate relationship will be on fire! I am a strong believer that you should do this for yourself and not only for someone else. But, when your significant other sees your images it will just be icing on the cake! They already see you as the sexy vixen you are, but the images will show that you too see yourself that way. Ready to add a little fire? Click Here for more information on scheduling your session!

Which brings me to the final reason a Boudoir session will change your life: You will love yourself more (or maybe for the first time ever!). I think that with social media and the instant feeds on our phones that we scroll through every day we are subconsciously thinking we are not good enough. You may think things like "I should be taller, skinnier, have brown hair, have a bigger butt, have bigger lips, have a smooth forehead" or maybe even "I wish I looked like her or her or her".

You will see that you are a beautiful person no matter what society tells us beautiful is defined as. Because who are "they"? Who decides what is beautiful? I will lift you up with my words and then I will show you with my pictures the YOU are beautiful. And guess what? You will believe me. It is the truth.

So now tell me- Are you ready for your boudoir shoot? Are you ready to inspire someone? Are you ready to have your confidence level sky-rocket? Are you ready to spice things up in your relationship? And are you ready to LOVE YOURSELF?

Contact me here and let's chat about what your experience will be like!

See YOU soon!



PS Don't believe me? Check out what some of these clients had to say about their experience!

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