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Your boudoir shoot and what to bring

It can be overwhelming getting your wardrobe ready for your shoot, but don’t worry! You got this! I am always here to help. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call, text, or email. I get plenty of texts from clients while they are out shopping. Make sure you leave tags on everything you buy, we may not use it all.

Here are some quick reminders of what to bring: -Bring 8-10 outfit choices with you, but more is definitely ok! We will shoot FOUR looks. It is awesome to have options! Try to choose variety for outfits (not all bra and panty sets) -Body suits look great! H&M and Forever 21 have awesome options! We will shoot at least 4 outfits. Also please bring a variety of colors and accessories. -Please HANG lingerie so it does not get wrinkles. I do not photoshop wrinkles out of clothing. -Choose muted/matte/primary/pastel colors. If you're a bride to be, a good option is to pick some lingerie that will be the colors of your wedding. -Bring at least one killer bra (with good support) and panty set

If you are self conscious about your middle, bring at least one bodysuit. Fitted things will actually be more flattering! We want to show your curves! Here are some examples of bodysuits:

Shapewear is PERFECT also. It is often over looked, but it is a GREAT option! It is SUPER flattering and looks incredible in images!

Lace and layers look great as well. Intricate lingerie photographs beautifully!

Bring SKIN TONE and BLACK heels. The higher/skinnier the heel, the better. The right heel can lengthen and slim your legs! Here are some examples:

THINGS TO REMEMBER: -Bring accessories -If you're doing a bridal shoot, bring bridal lingerie, garter, veil, etc. if you would like, bring your dress as well. -Does your significant other like a sports team? Bring their jersey. Other ideas are work shirts, button down shirts, lab coats, work hats, cowboy hats, etc. -If you have hair extensions, please bring them. -Please bring a robe to wear in between sets as well.

THINGS TO AVOID: You will see the bottom of your heels in some pictures, so if they are old/worn, you will be able to tell. I do not photoshop the bottom of shoes.

-AVOID bright/neon colors and busy patterns. -AVOID "babydoll lingerie" or anything with an empire waist as this will often look like maternity wear on most clients. Here is an example

To tan or not to tan? That is the question. Everyone loves a tan! Everyone except the camera. That being said, the camera will often see tans as orange.  Please don’t spray tan before your shoot. I will photoshop out temporary things, like blemishes. I don’t photoshop out tanlines.

You can also find tons of lingerie ideas on Pinterest! So check that out when you have a second.

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